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2PEAK nutrition planning - explanation and instructions

A correct diet is an important component of training. the 2PEAK nutrition plan is exactly matched to the training and just as flexible and dynamic as the 2PEAK training schedule.

Proper diet is the key to bodily well-being, health and top sporting performance. The 2PEAK nutrition plan supports athletes in eating the right food at the right time (included in the gold package - available as an upgrade for lower package levels). The following screenshots give you an idea of its features.

Meal Timetable

The meals can be individually scheduled, just as your training workouts.

Calorie calculation

Each day's calorie calculation is shown below the daily view


Example of a breakfast. If you don't like a certain meal, it can be exchanged for a different one (use the slash icon) or removed from the list of suggestions completely ( X icon).



Example of a snack


Example of a main meal. The recipe fades in, when the mouse cursor is hovered over meal or when you click the jotting pad icon - where you get a printable version.

Logging of Meals

As with workouts, you can log your meals - just click the pencil icon. Logging your meals and confessing little sins... is often the first step to scrutinizing your eating habits. Apart from that, 2PEAK can count the calories consumed and this influences the calculation of the following day's meals - dynamically, similar to your training schedule. Unplanned meals and ingredients will also be acquired from your log.
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