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Each training session planned by 2PEAK is based on training data available in the system and is calculated by a sophisticated algorithm. With the help of AI, personal development is then analyzed and the planned units are adjusted again.

In connection with the training, specific questions can always arise, which are best discussed with our team of experts. Four such “expert questions” are included in our UNLIMITED package. If you are logged in, these can be sent to one of the people listed below via the button shown.

System questions related to the functionality of 2PEAK can be asked directly to our support team.

get to know our experts

Jan Hochuli

Expert Languages
en, de

Jan is a sports scientist, professional coach and himself a passionate runner and multisport athlete. He likes to combine classic training theory with mental aspects and focuses on the long-term nature of training. Thus, strength and alternative training, prevention, regeneration and nutrition also have a high priority in Jan's "load management". As an athlete, he is an all-rounder who, in addition to endurance sports, also loves games and team sports. When it comes to multisports, he is fascinated by all kinds of distances and profiles.

Jasmin Fischer

Expert Languages:
en, de, fr

Jasmin Fischer holds a degree in sports science with a focus on preventative medicine and health promotion. Now professionally more involved in competitive sports, the topic of health promotion is still important to her. Especially swimming, which is emerging more and more as a lifetime sport, has great potential not only for professional athletes, but also for recreational athletes. With her polysport background, Jasmin can be found in the pool, running, climbing gym or doing Acrobatic Rock'nroll. As head coach in a swimming club and lecturer at the University of Basel in the field of swimming at the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, Jasmin has a great knowledge of swimming. As a former synchronized swimmer, Jasmin is aware of the importance of feeling the water and the right technique and knows many helpful tips to increase efficiency in swimming. Likewise, Jasmin is convinced that swimming training in today's world does not have much to do with lap counting, but can be made interesting and varied.

T-Roy Brown

Expert Languages:
en, de

T-Roy is an American with a background as an NCAA division 1 track and cross-country athlete and since graduating from university has expanded his running and multisports experience competing in a variety of events from road 5Ks to trail ultramarathons/ironmans and everything in between with personal bests of 2:22 and 1:06 for the marathon and half marathon. He has helped build successful training programs for athletes wishing to complete their first 10K and athletes improving Marathon times to qualify for Marathon majors like Boston, London, and Berlin.